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What is grief and how does it feel
The look on Mary’s face tells.
"The Fountain of Tears"

The Fountain of Tears is a fountain that was donated to the Praise Pavilion by “A Hole in My Heart Ministry”. The Fountain of Tears was the vision of Autumn Ater after the death of her son, Robert. Robert was born with multiple birth defects and ultimately passed away when he was 14 years old.

After Robert’s death Autumn’s grief almost overtook her, that is until God gave her the vision to have a fountain built in honor of her precious son. Autumn planned how the fountain would look and where she could display the fountain. She wanted to share the fountain with other bereaved parents. For three years Autumn had fund raisers and donations to build the fountain. At last in March of 2011 the fountain was complete. Autumn contacted every public park in Parker County, Texas but to no avail. No one would allow her to put the fountain on display. It seems that an atheist had forced the county to not display Christ like images in the public places. That’s when Autumn contacted Barbara Littlepage.

Autumn had known Barbara from her college years and heard that Barbara had a memorial park in memory of her parents. When Autumn contacted Barbara there was an instant renewal of friendship and a kindred spirit. Another factor that seemed God like was that Barbara had dreamed of having a fountain in the gardens for the last three years. There was no hesitation the fountain had found a home.

On April 11, 2011 (which was Barbara and Glenn’s 47th wedding anniversary) the fountain was delivered. Seems God validates everything that is done in His name. This was definitely a sign from God. The unveiling ceremony took place on April 23, 2011.

We thought how great, God has shown us favor by this sign …that is until the fountain was stained…we couldn’t believe our eyes when the stain was sprayed on the fountain. The wind was blowing at least fifty miles per hour. We were worried that it might streak across the fountain. The stain not only did not streak across the statue, it streaked down the cheeks like tears. The pain of losing a child was instantly manifested in Mary’s face. Glenn Littlepage witnessed this happening.

The Catholic Church was contacted immediately to verify that this was not man made, but God had indeed given us another sign of His pleasure in what we were doing.

May God richly bless you and manifest Himself in all you do.

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The Praise Pavilion was established to honor our parents after the death of Barbara Littlepage's father, W. A. Phillips in January 2006 followed by her mother's death in 2007. The rock garden has the Ten Commandments with a beautiful rock waterfall that runs three ways around the Commandments. This symbolizes the Trinity.

There are three grand pavilions again symbolizing the Trinity, which begun being called the "Praise Pavilion" because Barbara Littlepage would lift her hands in praise to the Lord for allowing them to honor their parents with such beautiful gardens. Money has always been an issue, but somehow God provided. We are very thankful for any donations that are made to help us continue to share this with the public.

We offer the Praise Pavilion for weddings, family reunions and any kind of gathering to honor God, families and friends. We can be contacted at 817-829-5930 and are located at 7530 West I-20, Weatherford, Texas 76088.

Again, thank you for helping and God bless and make you prosperous.

~ Glenn and Barbara Littlepage

The "Ten"